Sunday, June 26, 2016

Exchanging the City for a bit of Country

Pueblos Mágicos are designations for any culturally important, historic or naturally beautiful town in Mexico. Translated, these towns are called magic towns and between my research work I had the opportunity to visit two of these nearby wonders; Xico and Coatapec.

Xico: This town is renowned for the two waterfalls situated just outside the city limits. Being a nature lover, I was eager to experience these Mexican beauties, but was not prepared for just how gorgeous this place would be. A deep gorge cuts between the hills surrounding the city, and in that gorge flows two mighty waterfalls. From up above the mighty rush of water looks like a small white thread of ribbon, and from down below when you look up all you see is the steep sides of the sheer cliff face.

The two waterfalls were gorgeous, and is one of the most beautiful scenes I have seen in my entire life.

Coatapec: This town situated between Xico and Xalapa is known for its historical importance and as the coffee capital of the state of Veracruz. Coffee is everywhere in this little town, and I enjoyed that immensely! I even bought some local coffee from a store that crushed the beans to fill your order, so it was pretty legit.  My afternoon spent in this town was marked also by food; spicy avocado dip, churros with sweetened condensed milk, coffee chocolate candies, and bananas covered with sweetened condensed milk and cheese. Mexican's are certainly experimental in their foods, and so far everything I've tried has tasted amazing.

Mexico is a country filled with natural wonders, cultural intrigues and amazing culinary delicacies. It's not all work here in Mexico!

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